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Brian R. Stone​

Brian started his cosmetology career with an education at the Barbers Styling Institute in Camphill, Pennsylvania. During Brian's near 30 years in the cosmetology industry, he has had the opportunity to work with industry legends, and received education through AVEDA, Sassoon, Graham Webb, Redken, and Sebastian. Starting his career in 1986 in Lancaster, his journey did not stop there. Brian found himself in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and then moved to Huntington Beach, California where his creative mind blossomed. He credits his time spent in California as being very influential, and believes that the opportunity opened his mind to a new point of view. His vision became clear, and he found inspiration at every turn.
A family crisis found Brian returning to Lancaster in the spring of 1995, which was to be a temporary move, though he never returned to California.
In the time since his return, Brian has not only owned his own salon, Studio Stone, but has also worked at Elan Hair, after his salon was damaged in a fire in 2011. In 2014 life took an unexpected turn when Brian had the first of what would be three strokes, which finally lead to the discovery of a brain tumor. Surgery followed in November, 2014. While in the recovery process, his creative thought process became active once again.
His past leads us to our present, ushering in the creation of VIDAHAIR. Brian's vision was to create a fresh, open air environment that included both found items, modern pieces, and incorporated such to produce a space with an industrial feel. He even coined a term to describe his final product: reclaimed industrial modern. His end goal was to provide a solid foundation for new up-and-coming hair dressers. The platform would assist new talent to build a successful future. This goal is one of teaching those new stars a professional path to long term success, resulting in a belief that they are something truly special. He believes that this vision in its actualized form presents not only a foundation of learning from those who have already found success, but paves the way for new, ambitious future stars. Beyond shaping future cosmetologists, Brian continues to seek education in the industry both relevant to today's styles, as well as anticipating those to come.
In his free time, Brian enjoys long walks with his wife Heather, and two dogs Josie and Wyatt. He also finds time to spend with friends and family talking about life's journey, but ultimately finds his greatest sense of peace and cleansing while riding mile after mile on his bike with a smile ear to ear.  

Mary is a graduate of Empire Beauty School in Lancaster, from both their cosmetology as well as cosmetology educator programs. Mary has a true passion for learning, which has lead to her previous and current education, including an associates degree in Criminal Justice from Northampton Community College, as well as her continued study at Millersville University, where she hopes to graduate with her Bachelors degree in History in 2017. She was born in Trenton, New Jersey, raised in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Columbia with her husband of 6 years, William.
A passionate learner with an abstract mind, Mary found true fulfillment in the cosmetology industry. She describes the job of a cosmetologist as such: “the creative usage of one's skills and passion to provide a functional, refined take on an individual's preexisting beauty or charm.” Not much makes Mary happier than the refreshed, radiant smile of her clients after helping to emphasize their natural beauty.

Mary is most drawn to historical period hair styles, such as '40s inspired victory rolls, and Victorian era updos. Mary also enjoys formal updos, textured haircuts, and shorter styles. Mary looks forward to her continued education both in and outside of the cosmetology industry, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for herself, and VIDA.